Entry: Happy Birthday Jul 27, 2011

I am a sucker. As predicted, I did gave up more than I should have. And now, my reputation is tarnished, everyone thinks badly of me, I'm a slut, and you? Well, nothing. Hello, double standard, we meet again.

And what did I get? Well, it was fun. Really, it was. But at what cost? Even the fondest of memories, when marred with regret aren't so nice anymore.

And after all this I still am not worth it, am I? In the end, I'm just some other random girl in your life who couldn't get enough of you, whom you'd forget after a couple of years. Who was she again, you'd say? You'd briefly remember an eager girl, but then, there would have been many eager girls. I wouldn't have made enough of an impact.

And in the end this is all my fault because you spelled it out clearly enough from the very beginning. n the end you still prefer Cath. No matter what I could do. In this story, I'm Satsuki again. Still. Maybe I'll be Satsuki forever. I'll keep giving everything for nothing. I would keep going even if from the beginning I never stood a chance. Cause this would always be the story of my life.



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