Entry: The End. Maybe. Hopefully. Mercifully. Nov 2, 2011

Well, is this it? You finally stopped talking to me. This thing that I have been telling myself to do, you've done it yourself. And I wish I did it first, so that it wouldn't have to be me who feels the sting.

In the end, the person you so looked down on is the one I appreciate more. Between the two of you, between your principle of trying not to hurt me by being nice and giving me false hopes, and his of telling me the truth straight to my face as flatly and as rudely and as hurtfully as possible--because really, how I feel isn't any of his business--I like his more. At least after the initial shell shocking crash, I can pick up the pieces and walk away without having to look back. Ever. At least I cannot say there is more I could have done because we both know there isn't anything more. What about you then? This "let's stay friends cause I'm a nice guy, yeah i like you too. oh not in that way. yeah, sometimes in that way. no i don't love you." so on. it's confusing and it's frustrating and I know you don't mean it but you should know. You're supposed to be the expert. Or maybe you're just an expert in whoring around.

Yes, I sound bitter because I am. And I know none of what I just said is true. I know he's trying to be nice, and I know I'm just irritating him bu not letting go. So I am. So I am trying. And so I will.

This is the end. This. Is. The. End. I would stop talking to you. I would stop chatting with you. I already deleted your number so that's done. I'd block you on FB too, but then, I wouldn't have gaming friends, and yeah, that's a loss. Hopefully, this is enough.

This is the end. This wll leave me in peace. You and me both.


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