Entry: Easier Said Than Done Dec 21, 2011

Is what they all tell me.

Let go.
As if it were so easy.

Move on.
As though there's nothing more to the story.

But it's so much easier said than done.

And they judge as though they know me.
They speak as if they knew it all.
And they dismiss me as just another idiot
In a love story gone wrong

But who am I to blame them when I wouldn't speak to defend myself. Simply because my pride, my purity, my dignity aren't as important as keeping you safe from the anger of the world when they find out what you have done to me.

And so I smile and bear the ridicule of being just another foolish, trusting girl. Because this is so much better than having you be the one to bear the shame.

In the end, it's still all for you.


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